Praise God for John MacArthur’s 40 Years of Faithful Service!

Through the grace and power of God one man can make a difference in the lives of many.

Dr. John MacArthur’s ministry has made an indelible mark on my life as well as the lives of many in my church. Dr. MacArthur’s unwavering commitment to truth at all cost and his love for Christ’s church and his congregation sets him apart. Many today find it easier to compromise to keep their “position” but not Dr. MacArthur. It is obvious from his many battles against those who compromise the truth for comfort and his battle against the many errors that attack the church that he understood the “position” God had called him into…he was called to be a pastor.

Whenever I speak to someone who has attended either Grace Community Church or The Masters’ Seminary they all say the same thing about this man…Dr. MacArthur loves the church and loves to preach God’s Word. Those who have listened to John MacArthur for any length of time can agree to that testimony. Dr. MacArthur’s life long love for God’s truth and God’s people has produced a steadfast spirit in that church and a hunger for truth in everyone who has been blessed by his ministry.

If a true pastor is marked out by his love for God’s Word and his love for God’s people (and that is a couple of the marks) well then I guess you can say  John MacArthur has proven faithful to his calling and we have all benefited as a result of God’s Grace To Dr. MacArthur. 

Pastor Randy


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