Here are some excellent sermons that will excite your soul and strengthen your life and ministry.

These resources can all be found at –

Human Inability – March 7th, 1858 by C.H. Spurgeon

Love’s Labours – September 4th, 1881 by C.H. Spurgeon

Love’s Logic – August 27th, 1871 by C.H. Spurgeon

Herin is Love – January 19, 1896 by C.H. Spurgeon

The Uses of the Law – April 19, 1857 by C.H. Spurgeon

Law and Grace – August 26th, 1855 by C.H. Spurgeon

An Earnest Warning about Lukewarmness – July 26th 1874, by C.H. Spurgeon

Do You Believe? – J.C. Ryle

Are You Born Again? – J.C. Ryle

Are We Sanctified? – J.C. Ryle

The Beatitudes – by Thomas Watson

The Saint’s Spiritual Delight – by Thomas Watson

A Test of Assurance: How we know whether we love God – by Thomas Watson

“Christian Family” – by John Bunyan

The Great Duty of Family Religion – by George Whitefield

Instructions to Husbands, Fathers and Their Wives (a study of men’s roles) – by Gil Rugh

Men after God’s own Heart: Fanning the flames of personal passion for Christ – by Carey Hardy

Ministering to Men – Discipling Men-the backbone of the local church – by Rick Holland

Leadership 101 (The art of Influencing others) – by Rob Iverson

Walking the Thin Line – by Carey Hardy

Changing your Church without your Church Changing you – by Alex D. Montoya

Developing a Servant-Driven Church – by Dan Dumas

 Preaching the Gospel Message Рby John MacArthur

A Close Look at Invitations and Altar Calls – by Carey Hardy


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